Identity Crisis: BMJ’s 2015 Employment Law Review

Here at the BMJ team, we are on the forefront of employment law developments.  As we wrap up the end of our year, it seems to be confirmed –we nailed it.

A recent story on CNN claims that “Identity” is the 2015 word of the year.

This development is not surprising to us.

See our blogs on identity:

Rachel Dolezal: and

and Caitlyn Jenner:

as well as our interview on Central Valley Today.

This is the first year with our new BMJ Employment Answers’ format.  As you are aware, in 2015 we began to identify as bloggers.  In 2016 we are rolling out our cool new twitter handle, @BMJemployment.  Follow us today!  We hope our new Twitter following will be as successful as our blog, which has now been viewed in over 30 countries worldwide!

That’s a wrap for us in 2015.  May your holiday season be merry and bright and your new year be free from legal fights.

-The BMJ Employment Answers Team

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